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At TK Electrical, we can offer you a complete rewiring service for all types of residential and commercial premises; this will also include advice on the particular kind of installation you may need incorporating modern technologies available.

All wires, socket outlets and switches are subjected to normal wear and tear; various electrical accomplices deteriorate with years of use and misuse. The first symptoms often reveal themselves in catastrophic results.

There are various flags to watch out for that can show how old your current electrical system is; here are some examples to name but a few:

  • Wall-mounted light switches in lavatories.
  • Fuse box which has a wooden back or even a mixture of circuit boxes throughout the residence.
  • Cables coated in black rubber, wires covered in fabric or lead.
  • If your fuses are constantly blowing.
  • If earth wires are missing from switches and sockets.

If any of the above are present in your home, this must necessarily mean that your current wiring system needs restoring. We will replace your existing sockets, light pendants, cabling and consumer unit (fuse box). And we will not leave you without power overnight to keep freezers, fridges, aquariums, etc., working at all times.

Our equipped electricians have many years of practice in rewiring houses. We are professional, experienced and quick. We aim to reduce the disturbance to your household whilst rewiring is being carried out.